BSc is an important stage for Science education and research in India. Students studying in BSc now will provide the workforce of teachers at all levels, schools, colleges and universities and also drive the research in science. There are tens of thousands of colleges offering BSc programs is remote rural areas and hundreds of thousands of students enrolled in these. A large number of such students are not very well versed in English and are much more comfortable in their vernacular language. Unfortunately, there is a big crisis of committed and competent teachers in colleges in rural areas and on top of it, there is not much print material in vernacular Science education at BSc level. This portal is designed to assist students in Hindi belt struggling with the situation.

  • BSc level Online courses by Dr H C Verma and others in his team primarily in Hindi
  • Lectures can be viewed on phones, tabs or laptops or desktops
  • Lectures will be available even after the completion of course
  • Certificates will be provided by CDTE, IIT Kanpur for successful students
  • Zero fees for the courses
  • Selected students will be offered face-to-face camps for interaction and performing Experiments

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